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Princess Marie and Princess Athena of Denmark arrive in London.  

Oh my godness, Athena is such a cute pie! <3

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Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia

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Prince Joachim of Denmark raced in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, August 4, 2012. Princess Marie and their son Prince Henrik were there to support him.

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The christening of Princess Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie of Denmark, 20 May 2012.

Denmark’s new princess is privileged. I refer not primarily to the fact that she is born into the royal family and is to live in a castle.

But I think the fact that she initially has three brothers who want to learn to stand up for her, protect her and also to educate and perhaps spoil her.

Before she even learns the names of her three brothers, she will sense the presence of Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix and the Little Prince Henrik.

Being the youngest in a crowd, she will also be privileged by her parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts and all that may be included by close relatives and friends.

Everyone will do their bit so that she is allowed to grow up like other little girls, surrounded by love and presence.

-Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen [.]

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Princess Beatrice attends the Athletic events in London, August 4th 2012.

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